On February 19th 2019, Hans Klok was honorably awarded the title of Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. This is a very exclusive title awarded by the King of The Netherlands to those with exceptional personal commitment, vision and whose achievements are beneficial to both their country and society in general.

Millions of people from all over the world – from Germany, Japan, Dubai, China, America and more – have come to see Hans Klok perform magic.

Klok’s worldwide appeal stems from the passion and enthusiasm he displays when he takes the stage. In addition to his work and ambition as an illusionist, Klok is also very passionate about philanthropic work. He is deeply involved with several charities and foundations that focus on missions such as reducing animal cruelty and treating migraine sufferers. Klok is also a motivated ambassador for the Pardoes Foundation, which offers a retreat to families with a child with a life-threatening illness.

Hans Klok knighted as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau

His dedication to others and passion to bring joy to audiences through performances have earned Klok this exclusive honor as the Netherlands’ international ambassador.

Many celebrities and magicians congratulated Hans Klok on his honorary title.

Many celebrities and magicians reacted when the news reached them. This is how the world famous illusionist duo Siegfried and Roy reacted: “Our heartfelt congratulations to Hans Klok with the Royal decoration of your country: that you are honored in such a grandiose way is fantastic – it could not have happened better. Man. Las Vegas has enchanted you and you have taken your talent to magical heights. We are so proud of you Mr Klok!”

Hans Klok: “I am very honoured, it was totally unexpected. I will not let this prize disappear!”