19 December 2018

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Throwback! Hans Klok in ‘Sterren op het Doek’

It is time for a little throwback! In September of 2015 Hans Klok was a guest in the TV show ‘Sterren op het Doek’, where the guest is painted in three different styles by three different artists. The three artists that pained the portraits of Hans Klok were Daniel Douglas, Maaike Schuitema and Eric Kusters.


Daniel Douglas creates paintings with a mysterious twist. Maaike Schuitema creates beautiful paintings in which she combines several techniques to create something unique. Eric Kusters aims to create paintings that tell stories. With each their own expertise they painted Hans for the show.


Hans modeled for the paintings for one day, during which host Hanneke Groenteman interviewed Hans about who he is as a person and about his life as an artist. The artists continued to work on their paintings for another week. At the end of the week, Hans had to choose the painting that he liked most. When asked where he would hang the painting that he would eventually choose he said ‘At my house, or I will hang it at the company. Where we all practice, our office is there, we build and store our equipment there. I think I will hang it there eventually.’


The winning portrait was painted by Maaike Schuitema, who combined several impressive techniques to capture Hans Klok in her painting. The portrait still has a special place at Hans Klok’s company today.



Hans Klok and Pamela Anderson in 2007