14 January 2019

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Diva of Magic, Nathalie Padberg – Hoop

Nathalie Padberg – Hoop, a Dutch born Diva of Magic, first started performing with Hans Klok in 1999 and hasn’t left his side since. Not only is Nathalie a wife, mom and full-time makeup artist, you can also spot Nathalie appearing, disappearing, balancing on sharp blades or gracefully being levitated across the stage by the famous illusionist.


The Diva is also known on stage for her sweet yet seductive personality, big hair and bright smile. Though like all the other divas, a striking beauty in her own right; Nathalie brings a much softer side to the stage. The brunette bombshell usually appears in the more romantic illusions. Nathalie and Hans have amazing chemistry on stage and leave the audience in a roaring applause.