Maaike Jonker

09 January 2019

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Meeting the Crew: Diva of Magic, Jenily Wagenmakers

Next up for our series of ‘Meeting the Crew’ posts is our lovely Jenily Wagenmakers. She is the youngest amongst the Divas. The midnight-black haired, light-blue eyed diva is known for her feisty performances with the illusionist.  Jenily started working with Hans 6 years ago and travels with Hans all over Europe and Russia. Jenily is part Dutch and part Indonesian, beautifully adding more versatility to the “Divas of Magic”.

While often being an opposite to Nathalie Hoop on stage, you are keen to find her appearing from thrilling illusions. You may clench to the edge of your seats while the Diva climbs into the famous “Slicer” and is split into 7 pieces, but cat walks away whole just minutes later.