Steven Visser

03 September 2019

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It’s showtime: Hans Klok spreads across the Las Vegas Strip

Large billboards, posters and moving taxis with Hans Klok billboards on it, it’s showtime! The magic show of Hans Klok stands out on the strip in Las Vegas ensures a large audience. For example, a number of world stars already witnessed the magic show of Hans Klok.

Lance Burton

The legendary illusionist Lance Burton witnessed the enchanting show of Hans Klok. Lance Burton is known for his fascinating tricks and countless prizes won.




Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride and his wife also visited the show. Jeff McBride is known for his combined masks, mime and world-class magician skills. In the 1980s, he practiced martial arts which inspired him to create his dazzling shows. Now Jeff McBride is the founder of the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, which the BBC calls “the world’s most prestigious magic school.”



Bello Nock

In addition, the world-famous daredevil Bello Nock and his wife visited the phenomenal show of Hans Klok. Bello Nock is known for its spectacular shows full of terrifying stunts. Bello Nock has been on stage since he was three years old and is awarded with the Clown d’Or of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival for his enchanting shows.



Curious about the legendary show? You can order tickets for the latest Hans Klok show here!