Steven Visser

14 February 2020

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Hans Klok’s illusion wins prestigious award!

In the month where Hans Klok started to continue his series of shows, these are some highlights of the month January.


Hans Klok’s illusion wins prestigious award!

The illusion famously named “The Sensational Plastic Bag Mystery”, a tribute to the great Harry Houdini, rewarded Hans Klok with multiple prestigious awards.

Great magicians visited the show

During the shows there is a great chance you will bump into other well known magicians. Natalia Love, Juliana Chen, Greg Frewin and Piff the Magic Dragon visited the show of Hans Klok over the last period. “It is always a huge honour for me when great, talented collegues visit my show, but even for them my magic stays top secret!” Hans Klok says.

Piff the Magic Dragon with Hans Klok