21 November 2018

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Hans Klok goes Vegas!

Marcel Boekhoorn and Adam Steck are the taking Hans Klok to Las Vegas! Hans Klok will continue to amaze and enchant people with his magic, and this time it will be even more dazzling. Marcel Boekhoorn, a Dutch entrepreneur and investor, saw the potential for the world’s fastest illusionist in Las Vegas. Together with Adam Steck the men made plans to take Hans Klok and his team to the Las Vegas Strip where they will perform an exhilarating new show that will make Hans Klok the new ‘Mister Vegas’!











Adam Steck is the CEO and founder of SPI Entertainment, who is known for many award-winning and innovative theatrical productions in Las Vegas and beyond. The chance for Hans to work with these people to create his new show is an outstanding chance to create tremendous success for the show for a long period. And he will be there for a long period, Hans signed a contract for at least ten years in which he will perform two shows a day, six days a week. The shows grand premiere will be on June 3rd 2019. “The show will be different from the shows in Europe,” the magician says “but my personal style, the speed and the alteration of small gestures and grand effects, will still be there.”


Tickets for the show will be available starting January 30th.