21 November 2018

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Hans Klok and Pamela Anderson in 2007

In 2007 Hans Klok left for Las Vegas for the first time with his ‘The Beauty of Magic’, show, which made him win the leading award for Magician of the Year. To promote the show in the United States, Hans worked together with former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. For nine months, Pamela assisted Hans during his shows and the two worked together intensely and drew large numbers of crowds to the splendid show. During this period, In the US there was even talk about these two being a couple, which created even more publicity around the show.


Since this cooperation, the two of them never lost touch. Years later, during one of his performances with the sensational ‘House of Mystery’ in Hamburg in 2010, Hans Klok surprised his audience with the presence of Pamela Anderson. In Germany, Pamela assisted Hans during 15 shows, a real flashback to their previous cooperation.