How it all began

Hans Klok is one of the best illusionist in the world and is known as “The world’s fastest magician”.

When, at his tenth birthday, he got a magic box as a present, the young Hans Klok soon started performing for his friends. He was a born performer, who won various prizes for his performance at a very young age. Thanks to various important gigs in the Netherlands in the 90s, his career got an extra boost. After these shows, other big performances in the ‘Dinner Show’ and on international television followed. One of his most spectacular international TV performances was in ‘The World’s Greatest Magic’ show, in which he brought the spectacle to people’s homes. In the meantime Hans Klok is performing around the globe, he is known as one of the world’s best and most popular illusionists and called ‘the fastest magician in the world’.

Hans Klok crowd

Wouter Klok, Hans his brother, helps him to continue on the already successful path that he’s been following, and he makes sure Hans can keep enchanting his audience. In the summer of 2002, Hans Klok performs in the Efteling Theater, followed by a European tour with the exciting ‘History of Magic’ show. During the draw of the World Cup football in 2005, Hans magically conjures up the world cup for the eyes of millions of astonished spectators across the globe. In 2007, Hans Klok sets off for Las Vegas for the very first time with his ‘The Beauty of Magic’ show, in which world-famous icon Pamela Anderson assists him on stage. The show has a grand premiere, and the new sensation on the Las Vegas Strip attracts many celebrities. With this exclusive and phenomenal show, Hans and Pamela win the Magician of the Year award.


When Hans returns to the Netherlands, a number of sensational new shows are produced, including


‘Hurricane’, ‘Magie der Weihnacht’, ‘The Houdini Experience’ and ‘The New Houdini’. In the French TV show ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’ Hans breaks his own splendid world record with 15 illusions in 5 minutes. When in 2014, upon invitation of Princess Stéphanie, he performs at Monte Carlo’s Circus Festival, he gets to receive a Silver Clown for his amazing performance. The ‘Oscar’ of the circus world, a special honor for Hans. Again, Hans Klok amazes the audience with his most recent show ‘House of Horror’. A dream come true for Hans and a sensational show that is embraced by the audience and the press. After all the success of the past years, it’s time to take the next step. He has taken off for Las Vegas before and now he’s doing it again. With the new show like never before he will be performing in the famous hotel at the Las Vegas Strip. Once again, Hans Klok will amaze everyone with unique tricks in which imagination becomes reality!


Meet the Cast

Magic at the Castle would not be complete without the Diva’s of Magic. Get a look behind the curtain at the personalities that make up this astonishing show:


Dancer of Magic, Andrew Sylveste

Diva of Magic, Nathalie Padberg – Hoop

Diva of Magic, Zarina Potapova

Diva of Magic, Jenily Wagenmakers

Youth Championship Magic the Netherlands and Europe

Wenegini Award

Grand Prix of the Netherlands (fastest metamorphosis )

Henk Vermeijden Wissel award

Internationale Magic Fachkongress – Germany

Second place Worldchampionship of Magic, category: Illusions – Dresden, Germany

Honorary member of the Magic Circle – London, UK

Silver Clown – International Circus Festival Monte Carlo